Tuesday, 8 December 2009

An altered advice book

I found this cool book in the local library it's written by 2 agony aunts and is packed full of advice about BOYS!!
Perfect for my 14 year old niece I thought, so I grabbed it and stashed it away. Well it was her birthday the other day and I hadn't made her a card but I also hadn't forgotten my plans to alter this book for her....my original intention was to hollow it out but then I thought of all the good advice she might lose so I have simply re-covered it.

The Back:
7 Gypsies tape on the binding edge...thanks Carol xxx

Surely every 14 year old girl needs a funny book like this!! I remember loving the agony aunt columns in mags at that age the english ones were so candid and truthful....shock horror!!...... Still they taught me everything I know...is that good? Probably not!!

She may not understand why I did it but hopefully in years to come she will look back and see the humor and good intentions meant behind it.

PS: If you want to see the awesome guitar mini book that Helena made for Georgias birthday click (HERE). It's genius, original and perfect for a seven year old wanna be rock star!!

Kirstys' Homemade Christmas are you a follower?

I have just spend an hour on front of the goggle box forgetting about lifes woes ( and back ache) and blissfully watching Kirstys Homemade Christmas.......the best thing is it's on tomorrow night as well so I might just get those christmas cards written at the same time!!
Did you see the cake she decorated? I thought I'd recommend these cutters for the tree. Designed by Anthea Turner of all people!! But beautifully packaged in a pale blue tin..yum yum and complete with 5 different sized stars and all for 5 squid from Matalan!!

A worthwile investment I thought and so did the school fate when we made lots of gingerbread stars. The photo is for my December Daily Diary which I still haven't started......I think December will start for me when my back-pain goes and I can stand up long enough to craft!!

Love and cookie cutters
Ruth xxx


Jamie said...

Hi Ruth! Sorry your back is hurting:( that's no fun...
Your book for your niece is Fantastic!! Love the binding, and hardware, and the sentiments! Lovely gift, you are a ROCKIN aunt:)

Sue Abbott said...
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Sue Abbott said...

If this is for who I think it is, she'll love it. The way you have altered the cover makes it so unique. Hope you soon feel better, back trouble is so annoying, AND painful! Uh and thanks for the idea for the CI little boxes, unfortunately though I couldnt find the link. Any ideas? x

Karen said...

hahahaha I remember my Mum buying me a book like that!!! What a brilliant idea to cover it Ruth.

Sorry about your back, hope it gets better soon my lovely XXX

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to recycle Ruth, sure the recipient of the book will love it. Sorry your back still hurts.
Love the tin with cookie cutters in.


Micayla said...

What a lovely idea for her, i bet she loved it.....and yes I was glued to the TV last night watching and cannot wait for tonights 'Kirstie' dose.
Looks like I need to make a trip to Matalan.....I needed some star cookie cutters for Christmas biscuits and the tin does it for me.....thanks for sharing. My MIL to be brought me some fab cookie transfers called 'scrapcooking' {pretty fitting don't you think} from marseille and I want to make some for Christmas Eve.

LazyKay said...

Brilliant book!

Get well soon.


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Sharon said...

Hi Ruth, Can you tell me where you buy your small wooden alphabet tiles? I have a post on UKS just now but have had no response.

PS Happy New Year to you and your family...x

Anonymous said...

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