Thursday, 3 December 2009

Getting it all out of the way before Christmas

We will not be sick in our house at Christmas this year!! Nope-No Way!!

...because we are all poorly now....Ben had a yucky virus that caused mouth ulcers and passed it onto his sister......Ben got better....only to get bronchitis......I am still recovering from the White Van Man shunting the back of our car last Friday and hurting my neck and back and all of this has had an effect on my mojo. I just can't stand in my kitchen and scrap all day like I normally do:(

I can see my goodies all sitting there waiting to be played with......the clock that I have painted with blackboard chalk is dying to be made into an advent calendar, I have unfinished projects, layouts and cards and my daily diary is being neglected as I type.

Fortunately I had already nearly finished my Bubbly Funk projects for tomorrow before we went away so I just have to type them up before I get too stiff sitting in this chair.

Anyway every cloud has a silver I said at least we won't be ill at that will give my DH just enough time to shop for these:

1 Pair of Purple UGG boots..hint..hint!!

Love and lust

Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

bless hun hope you are well soon
kate x
ps love the boots

Sue Abbott said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon. It is so frustrating when you want to do things, but just can't rally round enough! Plus, we miss you so hurry back! x

Jenneke said...

Oops Ruth....that doesn't sound to good...pain in the neck and back...I hope you'll be feeling much better soon!!!!
And those purple UGGs are sooooooooo GREAT!!!!! WOW!! Hope Santa will buy them for you!


janis said...

hi ruth. thanks for visiting my blog. i'd love to receive those uggs too!!!!

sending healthy vibes to you too, sickness ain't fun truly!!!

and oohhhhh, just want to say that your works are breathtaking!!!!!! i especially love the tree - - just sooo awesome i hope i can have something like that too!!!!

keep on rocking girl!!!!

LazyKay said...

GET WELL SOOON - all of you.

Love the boots!


Chele said...

You guys certainly seem to have got the rough end of the stick lately! You deserve those ug boots! ;0)

Hope everyone is fighting fit again soon.