Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Such kind comments

I would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who left such kind comments and hints about Bens itchiness. He is so much better now, the swollen face has gone and his lips are better......even his exzema ( I had to google the spelling on that one!!) has vanished!!

His feet remain mottled and he has scratches all up his legs but he is 100% back to normal and eating like a Trojan Horse! What a relief and not something I plan on going through again in a hurry!!

I have been published this month in an online mag called ScrapStreet it's a fab FREE mag and features my good friends Teresa Manchas on the front cover and Toni Kelly on the inside.

I am inside on page 34 under Chic Street in the crochet section.

I am relieved to have been published as I recently was asked by a different magazine to remove a picture for publication and it never appeared so it's nice to know that this one made the final cut and I can put it back in my gallery!!

Right I must crack on I am supposed to be photographing Fridays tutorial......not playing on here!!

Love and Soda Baths

Ruth xxx


Karen said...

Oh Ruth, I am so glad your son is better my lovely, you must be so relieved.

Oh goodness you use such lovely shapes for your layouts don't you? This one is gorgeous & I-Spy the crochet!!! Well done on getting it published XXX

Liz said...

Love this

Liz x

Nikki Love said...

Congrats on your published LO!!! Happy Veteran's Day :)

Lean said...

Congrats with the publish of your LOVELY lay-out.
bye bye,Lean.

Pia said...

wow love this graphic45 paper, great layouts

Julie said...

GORGEOUS layout piece, Ruth! You have such beautiful talent! Congrats on being published--how wonderful! I'm so glad your boy is better--it's so hard to watch them suffering like that! Hope your day is wonderful!

Sue Abbott said...

This is a gorgeous layout Ruth. You are doing so well with your scrapbooking. Scrap street is a great site. Thanks for sharing it with us. x

LazyKay said...

Haven't been to blogland for a while so missing out on inspiration.

I've just looked at all the threads I've missed and what lovely stuff there is to feed my imagination!

Sorry your wee boy had the lurgy but good it's getting better now. Hope it's fully settled soon.

I love your work and hopefully will be back to regular visits to blogland sooooooooooooon.


Gez said...

Great layout Ruth. Well Done with the publication.xx

Anonymous said...

Well done our Ruthie, not to mention the crochet hat being worn in the photo! L x

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