Thursday, 12 November 2009

Just for you MUM as requested!!

We had a wee photo session done at out local Sure Start Childrens Centre and My Mum (in New Zealand) has requested I update my other blog with some photos of her Grandchildren. This ones for you Mum xxx

Some of the ladies from a different one had completed a photography course ( yup I am green, green, green with envy) and they spent 2 days in a makeshift studio taking photos of our kids for a very reasonable price and a CD with all the photos on it too...perfect for a scrapbooker!!

I took my own props..My Grandfathers antique wooden childs chair........

A large flower with a clip-on bird..unfortunately it fell off its perch!!
The ladies had a bubble machine that caught Bens much it took him off to another planet.....
The football kit photo is purely for my husband!! Becauase we love him even when his team aren't playing well (shhh) ......Go Liverpool!!
The bike was already in the play room I just liked the design of it.
Now all I need to do is convince our committee to fund this course for my local play buddies!!

Shall I start a campaign on Facebook? I mean seriously who wants Maths and English courses when we could be doing this!!

Love and campaigns
Ruth xxx


Karen said...

What beautiful photographs Ruth...gosh your chldren look like you don't they? X

Julie said...

What wonderful photos! Your children are just adorable, Ruth--what beauties! Can't wait to see your layouts with these pictures!

Fabienne et Franck said...

You are a proud mother! What a beautiful children! I love your daughter's smile! So cute!

Sue Abbott said...

Yeah Ruth, OUT with the maths and English and IN with photograhy and art!!!!!!!! Joking aside, the photo's are great. It must have been such a lot of fun, and the experience for the students must have been brilliant!

Kay said...

gorgeous pics of beautiful children :) Their father is obviously a man of great taste (in his choice of football team as well as wife)

Gez said...

Great photos Ruth. Love the last 2! My DH has followed LFC since a boy & our two boys have had no choice! Good Luck with the campaign.xx

downrightcrafty said...

Oh Ruth just love the bubble one it is so adorable. What a great idea to take your own props, they really did just finish of the setting.
take care
kate x

Terri B said...

Hey there gorgeous,

LOVE them all...I adore the bubbles photos & that first one is precious.
Thanks for the love on my blog..but dont call me Gran ............ yet lmao

Love Terri xoxo

Pia said...

Love your photos! Especially the one with the bubbles! Cool!

Micayla said...

So gorgeous Ruth, I am obviously missing a trick not going to this center!!
Hope ben is feeling better, there is nothing worst than drives me mad!!
Oh and loving the scrapping of course.
Have a fab weekend xx