Monday, 9 November 2009

Giveaway, new kit and a hectic week of absence.

I haven't touched a piece of paper in over 10 days!! I am busting to get cracking on some Christmas stuff but first of all I have to re-establish my household.

It all started when we went away to Grannies house for 5 days. The intention was that DH and Grandad would re-build the kitchen. Fix the cupboards and re-place the workbench and sink etc. (Thanks Peter those drawers open out lovely now!!)

Whilst at Grannies house I shopped and I shopped and I shopped.....some of it was for Xmas presents but alot of it was to re=stock my dwindling supplies!! I vary rarely buy paper now as my kits keep me busy but I have had to stock up on flowers and leaves and Xmas embellishments as I have some huge projects planned!

I spent a leisurely 2 hours in a flower emporium......I basically emptied the shelves of paper flowers!!

To my delight I returned home and discovered that Prima are doing some the same as some I bought, so I'm dead chuffed about that.

I returned to a house in chaos and thick full of dust.......the next day was spent cleaning and wiping......and then Ben got poorly:(

He develped a severe rash as part of an allergic reaction and I took him to the GP. 24 hours later we were in hospital as 95% of his body was covered in huge areas of bright red circles and massive areas that covered his entire arms and legs. The hospital discharged him only for his feet, hands and lips to swell during the night and an ambulance was called. (I was foolishly at work-having felt guilty about having to take the previous night off).

Anyway the poor little might is now loads better but he has taken to hiding in corners so that he can scratch his legs.....urgh they are in such a state!! We are desperately waiting for our new flooring on Friday as we think the dust and exposed floor may be the cause?

So I'd like to apologise for my lack of commenting. I have alot to catch up on especially for Lets get Shabby which currently has a stunning giveaway.

Check this out:

To win these beautiful handmade cards simply share your favourite Christmas memories with the team.

One of my favourite memories is of my Mother making the Christmas Mince. She used a huge metal pan and every year we had to stir it with the wooden spoon and make a wish. I treasure that memory as it was a real tradition in our house and god help Mum if she put the mince meat into jars before we had come home from school and made our wishes!!

Following the horrendous Post strike over here I had yet another missing parcel. On Sunday morning whilst I was in Hospital Mark took delivery of my Bubbly Funk November kit.......a dreamy Christmas kit from Fancy Pants packed with Prima flowers, leaves, bobble trim, ribbon, Maya Road chipboard, Tando Creative chipboard and some super cool add on surprises.

Now I just wish I had another 10 days off work to get on with it all.........oh well one can only

Love and magic

Ruth x


Tracey said...

Awwwww poor little Ben, hope he is much better soon. take care Ruth XXX

Julie said...

Sorry you've had such a rough go of it lately, Ruth! Hope your little guy starts feeling better very soon! Hope you have time to use all your new goodies soon!

Sue Abbott said...

Love to you all Ruth. We had a very similar problem with Gina who was admited to hospital the day after we got married so we spent our honeymoon in hospital, sharing a single bed!!!! It's funny now but it was awful at the time. Hopefully Ben will soon get over the itching stage and you can crack on with all of your projectsas we all look forward to seeing them so much. Take care. x

Kay said...

Poor little Ben. Hope he feels better soon and that you get back to normal! x

Gez said...

awe, Ruth sending BIG ((hugs)) Hope your little guy is soon his old self again. The November BF kit does look yummy. Can't wait to see you do with your flowers. Hope you get time to play soon. Gez.xx

mandysea said...

Gosh you have had a lot on your plate Ruth! So glad that Ben is okay now.
You need to have some time out scrapping by the sounds!!

Sarah Lou said...

10 days - what a withdrawal. Poor boy. have you tried baking soda baths? I hope his itching stops soon.

Terri B said...

OH how I have missed reading your blog sweetness. Glad Ben is ok again. Will try to pop in more regularly.

XX Love from across the pond.

Julie said...

Oh my Ruth hope Ben is feeling better now.

Definitely sounds like you need to hit that scrap room Missy.

Carol said...

Dear Ruth
Hope your little guy gets better soon....It'll all be over soon, and you can enjoy your new kitchen and a NOT itchy wee boy !!!
Cant wait to see what you do next....with that beautiful new kit ?
By the way...An award for you on my blog....cant wait to see your answers.

magic boxes said...

Poor Baby!

My youngest had the same thing happen to him a couple of years ago. His biggest worry was that his lips would stay the size of balloons (some women pay a lot of money for that)!

Hope he's feeling a bit better and you're recovering from the ordeal!!!


Elaine x