Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Vintage Affair Challenge Layout

I set the first challenge at the beginning of May to use an image from a free site. This is the image I's quite neutral because I didn't find the challenge as easy as I thought I would!! I thought it would be easy to find a cute image and fit it into my layout!! Not!! Although everyone else who entered did really well.

The photo of Georgia was taken in a museum that had an Original Victorian photographers studio in it. There was no one around so Georgia put on a costume and I clicked away!! I wish we'd stayed longer and all got dressed up that would've been one for the family album!

Oh Yeah and do I get ten bonus points because for once in my life I actually used the ticket stub from the museum! I did make the man swap it for a nicer coloured one though....that's the scrapper in me I just can't help myself to the horrror of my husband who wonders what on earth I am up to!

I am still having to be inventive as Prima flowers aren't available in Timbuktu but they are available at my local supermarket in the form of a hair clip.
I joined two of my ready made sprigs together to get the vine effect this time I think I'll do three!

Today is the last day for any entries on A Vintage view them, join the group and take part in the vote click please click

Love and ephemera
Ruth xxx


Sue Abbott said...

This is beautiful Ruth, I just love the way you compromise and create exquisite embellishments yourself.
Sue x

Jeanet said...

Owwwwww this is really so beautifull Ruth I like it very much !!
Hugs Jeanet

Toni said...

Ruth this is so beautiful!!!! If you want I'll send some graphic 45 papers, I'm going 2 town tomrrow & will be back Thurs So let me know, I'll just send a mix Of them Or any other brands that u can't get, be sure & let me know before tomorrow, also I wasn't sure if u r getting my messages I get a response from my email saying it can't send my message!!! Toni

anne76 said...

I love mhat you do!!! it's beautiful!!!!

Karen said... are so clever hon!!! This is beautiful!!! Can I that a huge white paper doily there in the background? I have never seen a square one X

dutchbird said...

Í've been off line for a while... Your new work is simply gorgeous!

Off to check out the vintage site...

xx Merel

Heidi said...

You are so talented, this is just gorgeous! Heidi