Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I made my own Primas!

You know how it see want can't wait or get hold of it!! So you get crafty and thats exactly what I did with these flowers!

I wired each individual flower around a leaf and curled the excess wire. Then I attached the leaves to the main stem which came from the top flower and worked my way down.....only one problem..... I have run out of leaves and want to do another one...urggghhh

These pretty papers are from the Bubbly Funk May kit and are from the Madeline collection by K&Co. For some reason I always think that this kind of Duck Egg green colour doesn't photograph or replicate well and I am convinced of this, because in real life it's much more intense. I actually quite enjoyed working with a touch of purple it made a change although I haven't got many purple flowers or embellishments so I am having to work around this!! Hence the purple butterflies!

Can you believe how many of those plastic butterflies and flowers I used!! And there was me thinking they'd be collecting dust for forever and a day....I guess you never know what you are going to pull out of the bag (or messy bedroom) until you trip over them!!

Thnx for the B Bling B!!

Love and butterfly bling

Ruth xxx


Julie Allain said...

Stunning layout, gorgeous photo and your flowers are beautiful Ruth xx

Carol T said...

Love it...Love it.....You have such good ideas Ruth...Working on some more Collections thingies (thats their technical name) Will hopefully have something to show in a few days....
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Ruth, love the colours.
Butterfly found its way to you and looks fab.


STAMPMOM9 said...

Hello very creative and BEAUTIFUL!!! Always love stopping by!! Hugs, Dawn

LazyKay said...

Necessity is the mother of your own Primas so it seems - - beautiful and well done!


Karen said...

Awe this is lovely Ruth X

Rleen said...

This is stunning! I love the design and all the flowers. fabulous job!