Sunday, 21 December 2008

The White House....

Today we went to see this house which is entirely covered in white decorations and is in-aid of a very sick little girl. I was totally in awe of their hard work and the stunning department store sized decorations. A seven foot Santa being pulled by 2 husky dogs and Santa is holding the reins and thats just for starters!!

This photo doesn't do her justice, in real life the detailing is incredible.

My personal favourite is this Art Deco type frosty figure.

Georgia put some money in the Charity tin and made a wish for the poorly children to have a happy christmas...I was trying not to cry behind her. The not so mean Snow Queen and her Mum couldn't resist a pose too!!

Love and sweet wishes

Ruth xxx


Erika said...

Wow! That deco is amazing! We have a street in our neighborhood that goes ALL OUT too!! I love driving by...every night! Hehe! Merry Christmas!!!

paulien710 said...

Oh My... this is totally AMAZING!!!!!! What a beautiful pictures.... TFS

Jamie said...

Wow!! Ruth, that's simply stunning!! Looks like ya'll had a grand ole time!:):) Love the new holiday look for your blog!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Hugs Jamie

Anne Kristine said...

Oh MY this was amazing!
and lovely holiday blog you have :o)

Merry Christmas
Happy new year!
Hugs from Anne

dutchbird said...

Hi Ruth,

The pictures are beautiful!

Have a wonderful and merry christmas!


dutchbird said...

Hi Ruth,

The pictures are beautiful!

Have a wonderful and merry christmas!


jay670120 said...

WOW what a different christmas set up !!!
Have you ever thought of entering fiskarettes craft competition , theres chances of winning prizes worth £250 in total this month!!! over at
x jayne x

Helena said...

Fantastic photos, great find!


Micayla said...

Wow, how gorgeous!!!! Love the photo's Ruth.
Merry Christmas and see you in the new year xxx

sam21ski said...

Fab photos Ruth

Hope you all had a good christmas and all the best for the new year and 2009 xxxxx

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog Ruth
wow so yor a formewr Bay girl

you might want to check these photos out

wonderful photos and blog you have
Ive book marked you :)

happy 2009 :)

LazyKay said...

Wow, what a lot of work and the effect is magical! I hope they raised loads for their charity cause.

Just catching up with your last postings.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


gudrun said...

Hi Ruth.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. :) So happy to find your blog too. :)

catz said...

wow.......these pics are amazing, truly enjoyed looking at them, thank you for sharing! Teresa