Wednesday, 7 January 2009

7 Days of pure crafting heaven....

Well thats the intention anyway. The kids are back at school and I am off work for 7 days so I am going to get stuck in!!

I have my DDA to finish, Mums Calendar a box frame and some 12x12's. So if you see me slacking and surfing the net please feel free to poke me!!

Georgia thought she would get teased at school if she dressed as Mrs Claus but I tried to convince her she would look cool and to be her own person and not worry about other peoples opinions. On the day she was pleased she had because the older "cool" girls had worn the same outfit.

I found this beautiful rose ribbon braid in a local shop and as it was already beautifully worn and faded, just how I like it I got them to sell it to me at half price!! I wish we had a vv rouleaux shop nearby......touch......stroke...............sigh.....I used Cosmo Cricket Papers in my favourite colour combination yum yum.

DDA day 13 is late in coming as are the rest from that week onwards! My first day of sickness was the beginning of a slippery slope of bugs in our house during December. Georgia was so disappointed we had to cancel our visitors so I gave her this silver locket to cheer her up.

Right no more chatting I'm off to get on with the next project.

Love Ruth xxx


LazyKay said...

Hope you've recovered from the Lurgy!

What beautiful pages - I love the papers you've chosen and the way you've embellished with the ribbons, flowers and pearls.

Lovely words too.


daydreamer said...

Beautiful LO's, i love your style.
Hope your household is feeling better, our family has been poorly over Christmas too, Roll on the spring!
Rachel x

Helena said...

Love Georgia's page, love the cluster of flowers just in the one area! I think my next challenge is to machine sew on my layouts, lol!!!

Glad everyone is feeling better, it was one nasty bug that was going around!


Anne Kristine said...

OH!MY! this was gorgeous!
Love all your details!
hugs Anne

gudrun said...

Your LO's are awesome!! The mrs Claus LO is SO, SO beautiful!!

Tracey said...

Sorry you all had to suffer the lurgies, hoping everyone is in fine fettle again now - I think thete are a few of us a little behind with our DDA's lol, happy new year XXX

Irene said...

WOW Ruth, that Mrs Claus layout is fantastic. I love the circles, flowers and the photo is totally cute.
Your DDA is coming together amazingly. I am running late with mine. I have all the photos, all the journaling just need more time. This project is going to be so worth while when finished.
Cheers, Irene