Sunday, 14 December 2008

Day 5 of my DDA Ben and Santa at Georgias school Christmas Fete.

Day 6 was spent at a birthday party and I forgot my memory card!! Why do they call them memory cards when I am more than likely to not remember?

Day 10: Georgias nativity play she was an angel and a leader of the small children from around the world. She took baby Jesus a Rugby ball from New Zealand!! Got some great little photos to put into my chopped up ATC holder.

Day 12: I cleaned the house in preparation for a weekend of visitors.

I made this box to hold some gift vouchers for Helenas' birthday present.

It didn't photograph very well late at night but you can see I used my new jewellery making skills at last to do the links for the beads and crystal on the bottom.

We had to cancel our weekend of visitors because Ben and I are full of a nasty head cold. So its love and hot chocolate from us. xxx


Helena said...

Fantastic pages, love the one of Ben and Santa!

So sorry that you are feeling ill!!

Thank you for my presents, they are beautiful, love the gift box. It is already hanging on the tree and will be comming out every year as part of the decorations!


Andrea aka Andy Scrap said...

Hi there, thanks for the tip on thepioneerwoman, but it seems here blog is down...:(

LazyKay said...


Just had a quick scan of postings since my last visit - lovely lovely work. Seem to have missed out on my blog hopping this last few weeks (wonder why? - that thing called Christmas I think!)

..........but, like Arnie............I'll be back.

Meantime, have a lovely Christmas.


sam21ski said...

Ruth these are stunning, especially like the top one of Ben xxxxx

Irene said...

Hi Ruth, your DDA is coming along brilliantly. I love page 5, 10 and the gift box......oh what the heck, I love it all. Get well soon and have a Merry Christmas

inara said...

that album is very pretty!!!

Jamie said...

Gorgeous work as usual Ruth! I hope you all are feeling better now! Merry Christmas

Micayla said...

Hope you guys are feeling better, everyone seems to have one illness or another at the moment. Steve's poor Gran has been poorly for about 4 weeks now and has not seen Emily and of course we dont want to see her in case we catch something, so it is just lots of calls which is all we can do!
Love all the scrappy goodness, cannot wait to scrap with you and helena, I may be able to steal some of your talent and inspo as mine is dried up!!!
I left you a message on CIS, if you read this first can you send me your address so I can send you a card.
Speak soon and take care

nathmael said...

Wow very beautiful!!!!