Saturday, 27 September 2008

Yesterday I finished work at 7am and walked across a mist shrouded field home. I grabbed my camera and my daughter (in her pj's) and we went to get some photos, in those 5 minutes the mist had already lifted alot, so we were chasing it into the distance.
As we came around the corner the sun was like an orb on the horizon and the mist completely enveloped us.....breathtaking!! Georgia went to cousin Aimee's house for her 5th birthday party and I made this little Tinkerbell accordian book for her. Helena has posted some beautiful pictures on her blog here. Thanks Helena we had a wonderful time and Georgia loved playing and dancing with everyone.
Ben spent the afternoon entranced by the balloons as you do when you are 8 months old!!
Georgia and Aimee wore their High School Musical costumes and danced to the Macerana at full volume along with all the other kids. It was a wonderful sight with the older girls on the wall showing them how to do it and the younger kids all lined up like the Von Trap family!! I love misty mornings because you just know you are going to get blue sky like this!! You didn't see me complaining about sun in my eyes!!I made this criss-cross card today for a work colleague. The tag pushes down so you can't see the happy birthday bit. There is a lovely long poem on the back that she chose for her daughter.

This little boy tried climbing in the bath so we gave in!!

Hope you have all had as much fun this weekend as we have. Love from the Von Trap family!!!xxx


Micayla said...

Wow I love that photo of the mist, stunning!
How do you find the time to create such gorgeous pieces of art while looking after 2 gorgeous children, keeping a home and working. You must be superwoman or something. I find it hard to get dressed in the morning she says sat in her jammies at 10.50am!!!

LazyKay said...

What a lovely post!

Great misty pictures, quite ethereal.

Love the wee book you made.

Great card - do we get to see the verse?

Lovely bathtime photos, kids love to play in the bath and in water - what a happy chap he looks and I can't believe how he's grown.


Helena said...

Beautiful photos of the mist. Ben looks so cute with the balloon. The card looks ace! Cute pic of Georgia and Aimee!!!!

I looked on QVC website and at this moment there are 2 colours to choose from blue and pink. I should be back home at around 2:45, so if you want to give me a ring then and let me know which one you want!!!!