Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Butterfly Tamers and Doubting Thomas

I have been meaning to tell you about the butterfly tamers for a while, and then I came across these photos again tonight.

One of Georgias friends had a butterfly net and towards the end of August the grass was left quite long on the field, so they spent their days catching butterflies. Sometimes they would keep them in a glass jar and let them go before bed-time. (I know and I'm sorry if you believe it's wrong but kids need to explore more and I was just grateful they were showing an interest in something other than the tv!!)

Well one of the older girls reckons that once they have calmed down in the jar they become tame!! I didn't believe a word of this (just call me doubting Thomas!!), until one day there was a knock at the door and in came the girls with a huge butterfly on a stick!! They had walked past nearly 10 houses and into my lounge!!!!! ............eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk....
........I mean don't get me wrong I love butterflies I just had visions of it crashing into the carpet and Ben eating it!! I was convinced it must have damaged wings I mean why else would it stay on a stick and be paraded around the neighbourhood!! So I told them to take it outside and there it remained as they passed it from hand to hand and I ran back in and grabbed my camera!!
I just got the money shot as Georgia held it up to her chin so I could get them both in the frame and it flew away up and over the roof tops. It was perfectly fine. The girls decided it had gone to look for its babies!!
Then when I went to look at the photos the last one had malfunctioned!!!!! I couldn't believe it but then again I still can't believe what I witnessed!!


Helena said...

Oh so cool! I remember doing that with my brother! The butterflies wings get full of moisture in the jars and when they are left out it takes them a little while for their wings to dry out before they can fly away!

PS that's ordered!

Erika said...

SO FUN! I used to catch lightening bugs with my brothers but butterflies sounds so much and girly! At least they make for much prettier pictures! :o)

Oh, I did finish my Alaska album. I think it wore me out! haha. I haven't really been doing any other LOs this summer. I've started making greeting cards and I love it! I can make them SO much faster and don't have to put so much thought into it! The reactions are priceless from my friends and family when I send them out.

Thanks for checking in on my page. Talk to you soon! :o)

LazyKay said...

What a brilliant story and GREAT pics!


sam21ski said...

WOW what fab pictures - well done camera person