Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What to wear to a royal wedding or even just a street party!

In keeping with this years maxi-dresses is this retro 70s vintage maxi dress......perfect for cocktails and a BBQ with the neighbours in the evening.

Great movement but my arms wobble too much.....do The Royals have protocols on showing too much flesh at weddings?

Cute colors but frankly too plain for a street party....we might be in a recession but we don't have rationing yet!

Nice but I'd like to see it on a model, probably too pale for my skin tones. (unless I was Nicole Kidman and could get away with it!).

Yup this would be my dream dress for the street party....I think I'd need some spanx under it and the blue trim is ghastly but nothing the designer couldn't alter before the big day.

Sadly my dreams won't be coming true but I am having fun internet windows (sic) shopping anyway!
Love and guest lists
Ruth xxx