Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal Wedding fever hits hard......

I'm getting quite excited about this whole William and Kate thing are you?

I'm getting all geared up fpr a last minute street party...wish I had these guys as the planners though!
Rock my Wedding have some awesome photos on their site.
Tomorrow I will show you my fantasy outfit!!
Love and flags
Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

oh yes I am getting all geared up Ruth :) I am spending the day with my eyes glued to the HD TV and multitasking with the whole day ironing, well it just has to be done lol xx
Kate x

Gayle said...

Hi Ruth, thank you for your lovely comment re/ my egg. It was so great to hear from you ! How are you ? I miss you at LGS. Glad to see you are still making beautiful creations. Yes, I am getting a little excited about the "wedding". It is all over the TV here. A street party sounds like such a fun thing to do. Take care. Hugs from Oz. xx

lizzyc said...

Hi!! yes i am getting excited too! i was a huge fan of Diana (not of charles though....) and so i wish all the very best of love and a long happy marriage for Wills and Kate..she is going to look amazing!!