Sunday, 10 April 2011

Art is Therapy, Therapy is good for the soul....x

"Art is Therapy"

I really believe that for me crafting and creating is therapeutic but I became so stressed before christmas and felt so guilty about my scrapbooking interfering with family life that I nearly had a breakdown!

It no longer felt like therapy or fun

Last year I struggled to come up with fresh photos to scrap because I felt so disappointed in them and it felt as if I didn't have the time to go out and take new ones. This year my photography has hopefully improved following a quick course at my local childrens centre and now I have plenty of photos itching to be scrapped.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses!

So after a very long break I was coerced into stamping 80 bags for my local church. The bug was back......... but not my confidence.

However this week I had a go at making a chalkboard from an old wooden jigsaw. I was worried that I had lost my style and wouldn't be able to pull it off, especially as I was using plastic leaves and not Prima!!

I hope the lovely Lucie likes it and at least at 5 years old she isn't old enough to be a critic.......ah the simple life aye......back when everything was pink and girlie.

Sometimes a bit of escapism and fantasy does you good and sometimes therapy really does work.

Love and being 5 forever........

Ruth x


Chele said...

Good to have you back Mrs! Chalkboard looks fab and I am sure Lucie will love it ;0)

Dara Lynn said... glad to see you back here!!!!! Love love the chalkboard!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Ruth, you're so right to get lost in the creative world, will
do you the world of good and your work is ALWAYS beautiful, believe in yourself.

Paper Paradise said...

Well I just have to say 'HOORAY, YOU ARE BACK, AND I HAVE MISSED YOU' !!!!!!!! I think sometimes we take so much on we simply burn ourselves out. Good to see you are now enjoying what you are so good at, creating! The chalk board is sure to be loved! Sue xxx

downrightcrafty said...

oh Ruth I have missed you and so pleased that you knew when to take a step back....... creativity is for enjoying and when you enjoy what you do it is truly amazing....... which is what your work is. This piece is a fabulous piece and I will comment always if it helps your confidence
Hugs Kate x

lizzyc said...

Hi Ruth.. yes there is a season for everything, and even scrapping can take a break for a while.. sometimes in times of great stress when we think we should be scrapping for the therapy value it just doesn't happen.. when we had the floods here in January i couldn't scrap.. i would sit at my table and stare out the window.. there was too much noise in my head, sadness in my heart, loss in my neighbourhood.. but as time went on, i have slowly gotten back into scrapping.. for me.. so i hope slowly you can be kind to your self and just let your creativity come back slowly at its own pace.. and it will...xx lizzy

Moira said...

Lovely piece Ruth and good to see you back

Rhonda said...

Hey Ruth.. I have taken months off scrapping. Between a move to the other side of the country and sickness and operations I too never felt like scrapping was what it was supposed to be. But I have now got back and even got myself a new Blog to start the new scrapping era off. I am glad to see you back and look forward to seeing lots more of your stuff about!!

Ruth said...

Thankyou so much ladies for your wonderful and supportive comments. It was never about confidence more like too many family crisis's at once and i just couldn't mentally keep up. Hopefully next Christmas the kids won't be soo poorly and the good news is georgia is starting to walk again properly so we are all on the mend at last!! Ben starts nursery after easter and I wil have one full day per fortnight to myself which I am obviously going to dedicate to ME time with my paints and
Hugs and love
Ruth xxx

ARTful Wings said...

Soooo nice to see you back Ruth - glad to hear that everyone is on the mend and look forward to seeing your creations from 'ME' day Take care Pollyx

downrightcrafty said...

oh Ruth, never really saw you as a Lambrini girl but now that you mention it :)

Kate xx