Saturday, 13 June 2009

One mans junk is another mans treasure......

I have been watching catch up TV for Kirstys Homemade Home ...gosh I love that programe and now I am kicking myself for not being true to the style I really love....I love home made, hand made, antique vintage collectable painted junk!! Over the years I have become a bit more minimalist , kicking and screaming all the way......that isif you can call hiding clutter in cupboards and the attic minimalism!!

I do feel as if I have lost me somewhere along the way and have made a promise to myself that when we move house I will return to my roots and also pray for a Kath Kidston kitchen!!

Today we went to a jumble sale at our local community church. Last time we went there was nothing... nada..not a thing...however today first glance it looked like all the same stuff but after a little rummage I found a round doyley (I saw this spelling on a many different ways of spelling doileys that it messes with my spelling fetish!), 2 new lace edged handkerchiefs, 2 metres of this zigzag edged lace stuff...ideal for a curtain pelmet for Georgias bedroom when we move.

Then when we rummaged through the tables outside I spied these Capodamonte figurines....

I have just looked up these fiqurines on e-bay and they are only worth a couple of pounds so I don't feel bad about altering them or removing them and putting them onto a layout. Aren't they just too cute for words!

A plastic plate holder perfect photograping layouts with when it's raining. It's very nicotine stained but a drop of bleach will sort that out although I need advice would you gesso it and paint it cream or leave it clear?

Georgia got a boob-tube dress for" dressing up in only"...because she thinks she is a Rock Star and a game called Upwords a bit like Scrabble to play together on a Saturday night until X-Factor returns!!
Ben got some super cute proper little boys cotton summer pyjamas with shorties!! And in return I am going to take them all of our recylable junk from now on for their table top sale.......all in all I feel like a better person for going to Church this morning!!
love and happy rummaging
Ruth xxx


Karen said...

hehe you are so my kinda gal Ruth...I love a good rummage! Its amazing what people don't want, especially when it come to beautiful old lace cloths X