Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Daddys' Day Dad!!

So Georgia nags me all week....."Mum can you help me to make something for Dad.?"...."I'm working all week Georgia it will have to be on Saturday afternoon when I wake up!" I said....

7am Saturday migraine very tired...Georgia "Mum you promised we could make something today" ...sigh....sinking heart.........

Completely non functioning brain suddenly has a brain wave!! 5 minutes later...Georgia is taught how to ink and "Mum shout me when you have finished peeling the cardboard that bits boring and Hannah Montana is on telly!!"

So I get the kids to pose for a new photo in their PJ's at about 7:30am....the last one like this was at Christmas 6 months ago!! I still can't believe how quickly time flies when you have a baby!!

By the time Dad woke up it was prepped and glued and nearly finished.....Daughter happy Mummy no longer has a sinking heart.....job done!!

Happy Fathers Day Mark, Peter and David
From Georgia and Ben xxx


Pia said...

so beautiful work

downrightcrafty said...

What a lovely gift to a dad on father's day and a fab layout
kate x

MaygreenFairies said...

Gorgeous gift and two truly scrumptious children! Mandy x

ARTful Wings said...

Oh the joys of Motherhood eh - remember days like that when Viki was growing up. A beautiful gift to treasure Polly xx

Anonymous said...

How do you do it, you always pull the hat out of the bag for others. You're so thoughtful.
Love the photo too.

Peter and MIL

Lots of Love

Micayla said...

Hello stranger,
Man I had some reading to do. 16 have made me regret not catching up sooner. I have just popped over from Helena's blog and she had 16 posts too. I am all blogged out!!!
I just want to tell you that I totally adored your canvas you did, it is soooo gorgeous. Of course the Fathers Day wallhanging is just delish too! I didnt even think of doing anything like that for Steve. He just got a grumpy, bad tempered and over tired but would not sleep baby all day!
I too loved Kirsties homemade house, some of her ideas were a little out there for me but on the whole I loved it. I went to hemswell car boot the other week and got some pretties including a small wooden spice shelf which needs a vintage touch. I see vintage style wallpaper, duck egg blue paint and lace. Just need a spare moment to play about.
Hope you are well Ruth, everything reads well so I am guessing you are.
Well mush dash I have other blogs to read through......I think I will be here all night.

Carol said...

Dear Ruth
Love the Daddy wall hanging...You must have the patience of a start that early on the morning of father's day...I dont think I would have done that...We have Fathers Day later in the year...which gives me no excuse !!!!
I haven't used any of your beautiful "goodies" yet...but Have been showing the girls at my local SBS, those georgeous Papers you sent...and I think (i know) they are just a little bit envious....but I said I will share...Thankyou once again...My projects are piling up, and I really have a great idea for the VA
LO challenge...Will have to get stuck in....
AHHHH...Yellowglen a fabulous pink champagne...when you come to Oz, you'll have to try it....MMMMmmmm, my fav...
Where in Oz are you going to live...and what made you decide to move ???? I hope that's not tooo nosy?????
Take care darlin"
Carol x x x