Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Peg Dolls Promenading with Parasols!!!!

I should have called this Lo "Mum on Parade" as the place she is standing is called "The Marine Parade"!..... but the Parasol title came to me first!
I thought Dad would appreciate this title, maybe my next Lo could be called Mum on Parade.....?

This Lo was taken from a CISister sketch and was super quick to complete. I keep on thinking it's missing something, but each time I try to add an element it looks overcrowded, probably because of all the different patterned papers on the page. Any way at least it's another one finished for the Deco Album. (yay!!)

This tin originally had a polaroid camera inside it, but it was crying out to be altered. I couldn't bare to part with a cute red velvet dress that Georgia wore on Valentines Day when she was 10 weeks old and I struck upon the idea of treating the tin like a suitcase and keeping the dress inside the tin!! When the tin is opened and the dress removed the words can be read inside the tin. "My First Dress" I also have a photo of her in it and a poem that we wrote for Mark (DH) on Valentines Day 2003!!

Georgia and I have been making PEG DOLLS during the school holidays and I am quite into them although they don't always turn out how I imagined. My bride has alopecia and the Geisha needs a little stamped gold fan but you get the idea huh?

I am thinking of organising a swop on the Paper Paradise Forum for anyone who fancies a change from the norm!!
Trust me they are fun...honest!!!


Helena said...

Like the layout, the pp's are fab!!

The dolls are cute, you should post it on the PP forum!


http://www.freewebs.com/bean-sidhe/blog.htm said...

The page with your mum on is perfect and doesn't need anything at all - except admiration, which I give it in loads.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the first dress suitcase.

Dolls of all sorts seem to be coming into vogue atm so you're well in fashion here.


micayla said...

OMG how cute is that tin, what a fab idea. I may have to steal that one from you.
Love the layout too, what pretty paper and the dolls are cute too. Looks like you have been busy creating.
Ah I totally forgot about Laura Ashley, they have the line in Homebase I believe I may have to have a look at the weekend.

sam21ski said...

Your page is fab and I agree with LK, it doens't need anything else adding to it, it's perfect as it is

And, oh, the little suitcase housing the red dress - it's so cute and such a fab idea xxxx

The pegs dolls look fab too