Sunday, 27 April 2008

Missing Mojo

If I wasn't depressed before I am now!!

Each time I check out my own blog I keep expecting to see some action!! However as I am massively ill and have 3 poorly children (well 2 and 1 husband but thats the same right!) I simply haven't had the will to scrap all week. I have dabbled with a couple of altered tins and clipboards, bu the glue made the paper go stretchy and left air-bubbles so that put me on a downer and I have cast them aside!!

We have a particuloarly disgustingly vicious virus in our house (there should be a black cross on the front door) and it has left me with Laryngitis, DD hasn't eaten for a week and had high temp and a cough, DH has all flue symptoms and the baby has a bad cough, loads of mucus and is waking twice during the night for feeding because he hasn't drunk enough during the day!

In the mean-time my "brain" (well whats actually functioning!) has been working on my next layout so hopefully when I get time to start to put it together it will just fall into place!!

I haven't been out walking either and am getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of fresh air and adult company!!
On a positive note I have lost 8lbs this week just in time to return to week in a fortnight!! then where are those maternity trousers....because I need something to wear to work?


LazyKay said...

Blimey, what a jinx on your house - I hope the virus is abating somewhat now. Re the bubbly paper, it usually flattens as it dries so I hope yours did.

Back to work! Don't know how you find time to manage all you do without adding work to the equation.


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