Saturday, 3 March 2012


I often wonder why peeps brag about how many photos they took on holiday...that was until we went away for a month and I returned to find myself having to edit 700 of the bloomin things!! So I am going to share a few here with you and so my family can read this too.

Art Deco Weekend is held every year in my home town the famous little Art Deco city of the south Napier NZ.
I spent months before our holiday sourcing suitable clothes and still failed on some accounts, thankfully the wardrobe mistress stepped in and helped advice us with Georgias costume and my accessories.

Wednesday evening: Mother and I kicked off the weekend a little early with a soiree at the local 1930's theatre.
It was terrribly entertaining and great value for money. darrrrrrhling. We met an english couple who had round the world cruise tickets that culminated in their stay in Napier.......6 weeks on a boat just to get there, now thats what I call travelling in style. No kids, no jet lag and double the luggage allowance!!

I wore my nude coloured flapper style bias cut dress..shame you can't see the beading as it's covered by the huge grey fur.
Mother is holding her new beaded bag that we bought for her from E-Bay. The clasp needed a little tlc and mum being an expert needle worker sorted it in no time at all.

I had my hair cut into a 1920's bob by Raymond the local hairdressing celebrity.

Thursday saw us all travelling to meet a steam train and share in the annual Wellington to Napier run.

The train was soooo late, I reckon Ben could have got us home quicker on this Jigger!!

We waited ........

and waited..... 

and waited..... the meantime, Georgia ruined her lace gloves by throwing stones onto the railway lines and I made lots of new friends and we all kept the station coffee shop open until late!!

(Emma on the right rides vintage bikes, boom boom my beating heart..more of those in another post)

I wore my silk day dress and the altered hat, but forgot my brown fur......I think I need more practise at this lady thing, my gloves stayed in my handbag the whole day too...honestly it's just not the done thing to be gloveless, when will I learn!!

The kids looked gorgeous and Mr I.T did me proud too....what a fine pair of Yorkshire men they make!

........and finally 2 hours late the steaming, hissing monstrosity that we had all been waiting for,  hurtled into the station with it's delicate wooden carriages shaking along behind it.

(This little train spotter was particularly excited..I can't possibly think why???)

For some of the tired passengers it was a long trip, for others a long wait, and for one little boy the ride of a life time!!

The end: the next episode has less trains and more cars and planes...all vintage off course!!

Love and furs
Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

love the post and all the photo's absolutely fabulous dressing and looks like you had a ball
Hugs Kate x

pradeepstainless said...

What beautiful pictures, they are so lucky to have a friend like you who does such great work.Cooware