Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Introducing Your Royal Highness.......

....the Crown Princess of Holly!! I found these beautiful flocked and glittered Holly leaves and berries in my MIL's flower arranging stash....they are so touchy feely but drop glitter like mad all over my work bench!!
The small Maya Road letters were painted and stickled.......I only have about 4 stickles and yet for some reason one is green and one red, I bought them a couple of years ago and have never used them since......I think I had visions of card making at the time..lol...like thats ever going to happen!!

To paint them I applied glue stick to my non-stick baking mat and placed the chipboard letters onto it...this makes them easier to peel off once the paint has dried.

Then I added a layer of similar coloured paint to the stickles and left it to dry...once dry I added stickles and waited 24 hours for them to dry.......when are Ranger going to invent quick drying stickles I wonder?
Love and Holly Berries
Ruth xxx

ps: I am going to meet a real live princess next week.....hush hush I can't say anymore!! And no cameras are allowed......what! and me a scrapbooker!!!!


Karen said...

oooo Ruth, I do hope you are allowed to tell us all about this princess soon!!!

Such a gorgeous LO, I just want to touch it!!! Keep meaning to ask but how do you store your layouts as some are quite bulky???

HUGS & have fun with your Princess XXX

loriete said...

Fantastic! A gorgeous LO with pretty princess! Love details, love design - stunning as always, Ruth!

Micayla said...

OOOH gorgeous layout and the trip sounds fun!

LazyKay said...

Beautiful, the colours really suit this photograph too.


Just a little bit Crafty said...

Hi Ruth, Love your layout and your princess is gorgeous - love the expression on her face.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, you are too sweet. I too was happy to see a friendly face.
Did you notice my "Once Upon a Time" album (need to scroll down a bit). I was inspired by your tutorial and giveaway. Since I didn't win it, I had a go to make my own. I also left a link to your tutorial.
Hugs, Irene xx

Anonymous said...
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Traceyr said...

Lovely layout Ruth and how clever to "stick" those letters to your work bench whilst you paint them. Must try that top tip. Thanks. :)

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous LO - I just want to touch it!!
Dying to know more about your princess visit!!

sanjeet said...

Love details, love design - stunning as always,

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