Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Haiti by Hand- Help for Haiti through Etsy

If like me you have been moved by watching the disaster in Haiti unfold then you must read this:
HERE and have a look HERE. Rebecca Sower has set up an etsy shop to help Haitian ladies that she met just 2 weeks before the earthquake. They wanted to set up a small shop to sell hand crafted soaps etc to the tourists. Then the earthquake struck and Rececca thought lets see if we can still help but from an international perspective.

The stories on Rebeccas blog are wonderful with stunning photographs. They kind of remind me of all the good work my Mum still does for the trade aid shops in NZ. She has spent 40 years of volunteering her time so that women in deprived nations can have clean water and send their kids to school. I am doing my bit from over here.......I have asked my daughter to ask her teacher if they can have a mufti (non uniform) day and the head teacher said yes. So hopefully there will be a biscuit stall too and we can do some baking.

Love and hope

Ruth xxx


Anonymous said...

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