Saturday, 26 September 2009

Minty Snowmen and oddments or is that oddmints?

Fridays Fabulous Bubbly Scrumptious Projects

I am very sorry for such a late post I have been working and sleeping and taking the kids to my nieces birthday party and crashing exhausted on the sofa to watch X-factor!! So here it is:

My mother taught us how to recycle from my early childhood in washable nappies and hand-me-down clothes!! So today we are recycling glass jars.............but first a little reminiscing.......

I distinctly remember the year we made a snowman for the fireplace. First of all we needed a large Cocoa Cola type bottle....a rarity in our eco/hippy/healthy house...the drinking of the lemonade bottle was probably more exciting to me than the making of the snow man at the time!!

Mum cut the top off and removed the hard plastic base that it had and turned it into a lid and we covered the bottle in cotton wool wadding and decorated it. Then...get this...Mum filled it with chocolates...OMG real live chocolates and they sat near the fire for the whole of Christmas...except they didn't really because I must have sneaked loads and don't forget I have 3 siblings who were probably stealing them too! So I am planning on putting Mints in mine...I am one step ahead of my kids.....just call me Scrouge!!

I have used some left over journaling cards from a previous Bubbly Funk kit and made a few more pages for my Christmas Journal...I am still of the mode that I will work with whatever I have made and not get stressed by it, which is keeping me sane...unlike the thought of the actual shopping lists needed for the big day!!

I might journal a page now....."September and already stressed about Xmas presents.....searching for bargains, worrying about what to buy a 1 year old and where to hide things from a 6 year old!!" Oh the joys of Christmas!!

To see the other journal pages that I have made please visit Bubbly Scrumptious HERE.

This weeks Challenge over at Bubbly Scrumptious weekly challenge blog is Vintage...not hard for some of you huh? Simply add a link to be in to win!!

Love Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

oh my god. I did not realise that my comments would be so interesting - actually I have just had to go re read what I put on your last one (sorry) oh yes I remember responding to your comments on the skirting board. Love your memories of your child hood and can also empathise with the where to hide the xmas stuff. ps although I may be making xmas cards..... I am normally xmas complete by now and crafting has taken over my life and I have only bought one present HELP !!!!!!!!
take care and love the bottles as I am sure the kids will too.
kate x

Chele said...

I remember the same excitment about being allowed to have a coke bottle too - we turned ours into a mini garden in it, you know those self sufficient ones (can't remember the name of them now, that's really going to drive me mad!)

Love the Snowmen - to me being able to build snowmen is the only thing that makes winter bearable over here lol

Tracey said...

Hi Ruth, the papers you were asking after are the bo bunny ones XXX

Anonymous said...

WOW love them love them, make loads so I can have some. You know my colours. lol


Gez said...

Those snowmen look fabulous Ruth. I'm thinking Christmas gifts for my son's teachers! Thanks for you link to your other journal pages. Hoping to make a start once LSNED is out of the way! only 2 more days to go, can't believe I've stuck with it...must have been something you said! hehe.

Happy crafting.

LazyKay said...

LOVE the snowman idea (did the chocolates melt near the fire - or did you eat them too quickly).

Great journal page!