Monday, 7 September 2009

Altered Windmill and a sea of sails-Bubbly Scrumptious Challenge

For Septembers Bubbly Scrumptious Monthly challenge ( with a super prize) the theme is houses......I decided to make this little cutie. It's a 50p windmill from the pound shop!!

I covered it with Melissa Frances papers and an owl from Elements.

I couldn't think of an appropriate house saying so decided apon "You are the wind beneath my wings". I am going to give it to my best friend as a housewarming present seeing as I kept the birdhouse that I made for her oops!!

A Scrumptious Prize could be yours!!

Make sure you join in the fun because the winner is randomly selected so it's all about taking part and adding your blog to the can't get it much easier than that huh?

Yesterday we went to the Grimsby Docks Open Day to see the Clipper Boats that are just about to start their 10 month journey around the world. There is an entry from Cork where we used to live in Ireland and Hull and Humber are hosting the race so of course we loved that one too, unfortunately we missed the other 5 boats as they had left to cross the river at 6am so we didn't get to see Australia and there wasn't an NZ entry which was a shame.

I dressed in very smart Red, White and Blue and we snuck into the members only area for a close up!!
Note to Georgia: ....Listen and learn and stop asking questions about things like "Mum are we allowed down here because I haven't got a life jacket on!!"

I couldn't resist taking an atmpospheric photo....if only I could spend a day alone with my camera the area is awesome....all full of fallen down Victorian buildings with beautiful windows and moss and ferns growing out of the roof. Last week I watched Attonement and kept an eye out for the part that was filmed on Grimsby Docks...I think I figured out which bit...basically blown up buildings!!

Love and little houses with sails on, be it boats or windmills!

Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

love the photo's Ruth, looks like you had a lovely day. Especially like the comment on "stop saying things you should not when we are in an area we may not supposed to be" love the children. Love the windmill and the papers are adorable.
kate x

Arby said...

Wow love the windmill! And it looks like a fun time!Great photos!

Toni said...

That windmill is so cute!!! Luv it!!!

Gez said...

wow! awesome windmill. 50p in the £1 shop! Thanks for your blog comments Ruth - ditto!! :-)

Great photos.... I wish you could spend the day alone with your camera too. Love the last shot.xx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

What a beautiful house proect, its stunning.

In answer to your question, I would love you to feature my blog, so go ahead, lol

Keep up the good work

Karen said...

How gorgeous is that windmill???? I LOVE it!!!! Thank you for taking part in the challenge Ruth & good luck with the draw XXX

Caroline said...

Beautiful windmill Ruth - thanks for taking part in the challenge...x

wendy said...

that windmill is great! Is it made of wood?
I'll have to look out for one of those as I'd love to have one in my garden!

Maria said...

Love love love the windmill!!!