Tuesday, 11 August 2009

praying for peace for the poorly sleeping boy

My last page of the delicious Websters Pages paper and it is oh so pretty...so pretty in fact that I reserved it for BEN!!

He'd had a high temperature and was very poorly, I came home to find his Dad watching over him like an angel (ok like a protective father should be!). I couldn't resist taking a photo of him fast asleep on the lounge floor covered in his favourite blankie and my throw.

I got to use one of my Capodimote figurines........bingo!!

I cut, scalloped, crunched and spritzed the paper and mounted in onto distressed cardboard. And after all that I missed the SB.Com cardboard challenge deadline by one day!! That serves me right for not just getting on with it...I had it half made for weeks and finally realised that the photo need flipping so Bens face was next to the figurines. Talk about trying to figure it out huh!!

Love and the feeling of relief when a high temperature finally comes down!!
Ruth xxx

ps: Ingvild has an incredible giveaway on her blog celebrating 200,000 visitors!! Pop over HERE to pay her a compliment...it's all her fault this obsessive hobby you know!!


LazyKay said...

SO scary when they are ill isn't it?

Lovely page and I love that wee figurine.

Sorry I've been away from blogland for aaaaaaaaaaaaages coz of my computer probs - just off for a quick scan of what I've missed on your blog.


Toni said...

Oh Ruth, This is just beautiful... sweet pic of Ben. I hope he is better now, its so scary 2 hav a sick child!!!
if you want more websters pages papers let me know & I'll send u some, I hope my scrapstore gets in the new ones & the xmas ones, they still have alot of the last line. Anyhoo hope Ben gets well & I luv the lo!!!

Gez said...

Awe bless poor Ben. Hope he's all better now Ruth.xx

Fabulous layout. :-)

downrightcrafty said...

Ruth the layout and techniques and colours as always are so inspiring. Can't wait to get into my new room and get on. Kate x

Karola said...

OMG Ruth, this is fantastic!!!! What a gorgeous layout! Love all details here and cute photo! Hugs !!

Caroline said...

Beautiful layout Ruth...
Hope Ben is feeling better now...x

Didelis said...

Ruth, a very sweet and nice! Divine Beauty!

anne76 said...

It's to fun!!!! it's marvelouse page!!! I love!! bye

Karen said...

Awe Ruth...its such a worry when they are so poorly. But even tho he is poorly in the photograph he still looks adorable. The way you have done the LO makes me think of him lying in a beautiful garden X

mandysea said...

Oooh Ruth!!! This is breath-taking!
I hope he is better now!

gorgeous smorgeous!