Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Warning- these papers will give you hayfever!!

My Bubbly Funk May kit has arrived and boy oh boy is it full of Vintage flowers!!!

The Brenda Walton Kay & Co papers are like 1940's wallpaper and 1950's dresses. There is a stack of paper flowers just like the ones I love working with so much, and all sorts of gorgeous chipboard embellishments, matting papers and tags! Yum...Yum...Yum!! I delved into my kit immediately and started sketching ideas onto the cardboard packaging incase I forgot and became distracted by the next item!

I just wish I had some cool photos of my Mum in some 1950's cabbage print dresses...unfortunately I don't:(. I remember my sister Sarah coming home from university in the 80's wearing one with her DM's and shaved head......if only I'd taken some photos back then.......ah least I still have the memories!

Talking of photos I have been having trouble with my memory card this week so it will probably take me forever to get any layouts onto my printer and I have not been on speaking terms for days now until this afternoon when we decided to make up. With a little help from Mark of course!! So hopefully tomorrow I can show you my latest find from a garden centre!

Love and allergies

Ruth xxx


loriete said...

This paper is amazing! I am looking for different vintage papers (thank you for a hint), as I have got a number of photos from my husband's childhood and his mother back then...long time ago... :)

Good luck with your memory card and printer ;)

LazyKay said...

Paper looks lovely - although I must say I'm not a flowery person myself.

SO frustrating when the technology won't co-operate - I'll watch this space.