Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Vintage Affair Challenge Blog

A very English Vintage Affair......

You may think I'm slightly mad, but as much as I adore the Norwegian scrappers I can't always read their blogs and sometimes the google translator gives me the most hillarious words!! As much as I'd love to join in with their challenge blogs I'd never be able to keep up.

So I have decided to have a go at setting up my own challenge blog called........

A Vintage Affair.

Each month there will be a challenge to either use a product, do a scraplift or follow a sketch. The only conditions are that it must be Vintage Style. It's that simple...just leave me a comment so that I can copy your layout and post it on the blog.

I'm hoping to set up a network of scrappers who can give each other hints, tips and ideas!!

I really don't know how this will work out and who knows if we get too big for Blogger then we'll just have to move to a bigger site!!

If you'd like to join in this adventure from the begining and I really hope you do then please come on over and introduce youself and we'll get linking together!!

Look at this beautiful first contribution..........If Loriete can do it so can you!!!

Love and sharing

Ruth xxx


Helena said...

Fantastic layout!!!!!

Brilliant idea on the blog, I have left you a comment


Sue Abbott said...

Great idea Ruth, do you have to do it EVERY month, or just when you can manage it. I would love to get involved, as it might help with my fear of scrapbooking and encourage me to at least 'have a go'. Plus I love vintage style. Oh count me in whatever!!!!!
Sue x

Riet said...

what a beautiful layout Ruth.

hugs Riet.x

LazyKay said...

Lovely page - sounds exciting. When I've finished my knitting marathon, I must get back to my scrap book pages.


Sally said...

Ruth. I too would love to join in with this. I love vintage and also love the Norwegian Scrappers. Another one who has a right laugh at the transcripts. they use a LOT of Prima and Melissa Frances stuff and I'm always trying to find where they get it from. Maybe we could all help each other with stash shopping too. Anyone else love the papers from 3ndypapir?

sam21ski said...

Great idea Ruth, hope it goes well xxxx

Jamie said...

What a great idea Ruth!!! I'd love to play!!!! I NEED to scrap again, this sounds perfect!!! I'll hop on over and see what it's all about!!

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