Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Who says Blue and Green should never be seen?

Our bedroom is neither blue nor green it has both colours in it although I prefer the name Aqua as it is not duck egg blue. When I discovered these papers had both colours in I knew they would be perfect for my dressing table.

So here it is..... the Valentines present that I made for has been finished for a while but I spent ages umming and ahhhing over the design on the top...did it need more? But no matter how many times I rearranged things I came back to this and removed half of the clutter so after nearly a month of it sitting next to my frying pan in mortal danger of being spat on I decided to just get on with the gluing and live with it!!

I shall live in eternal hope of actually getting love letters to put in it, although I did get a sweet handwritten note from Georgia the other day when she was banished to her room for losing her temper so I may resort to saving these instead!!

I used modge podge to glue half a paper doily and the lace trim on to the top. The glue really protects the delicate doily paper from damage as it sticks like nothing else can!!

More of that awesome ribbon rose bud trim layered over a sheer scalloped ribbon.

I bought some tulle especially to add more dimension to the flower and then stitched it into a circle and zig zagged the edges....wish I had some pinking shears!!

The wired crystals were donated from a work colleague who gives me all her christmas cracker trimmings and ribbons every year, I reckon they'd be easy to recreate though and I have tonnes of beads just waiting to be used up.

The beautiful papers are Melissa Frances (Amanda) from Tillys in Immingham. Prima say it in crystals bling and my own feathers and small Prima flowers.
I am giving away the exact items required to make a replica of this (apart from a box) so if you want some candy keep an eye out for my next post!!

Check out this site Handmade Help...they are asking for crafting items to be sent to Australia for the bush fire victims to help re-build their lives. Some of the stories will break your heart.......I can't imagine losing everything. In fact it's one of my biggest fears but I guess when it does happen you just revaluate your life and are grateful that God spared you on that day.
Love and feathers Ruth xxx


Jeanet said...

Owwwwwwwww it's really sooooooo beautifull !! Such nice papers and embellishments I love boxes I've made a few as well , you can take a look on my blog , go too 2008 of december scroll down a little bit and there is my vintage box !

Anonymous said...

hi Ruth,lovely to see ur work again. I have some pinking shears which were my mums, u can have them.
love MIL

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Ohhhhh wow Ruth....
This is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I love it so much.
You lucky girl, having a friend that gives your the amazing wrappings....
Truly love what you made here!

LazyKay said...

I never got the 'blue and green.......' thing (did anyone tell the flowers?)

This is beautiful. It puts me in mind of Wedgewood for some reason, maybe the colours.

What a lovely idea to have a keepsake box and I'm sure, through the years, you will have lots of lovely memories to store away in it.


Kim Piggott said...

Oh Ruth this is so beautiful!
I love the colour and your added detail is so stunning!
Absolutely totally gorgeous as are all of your wonderful creations!
kim x

Toni said...


Karola said...

OMG Ruth! This is soooooooooo beautiful!!! Love the Melissa Frances pp!