Thursday, 26 February 2009

Warning!!.....when giving me presents..... may just get them back again!! Albeit in an altered form, like the gift bag below which used to have Estee Lauder products in it and my Melissa Francis box which arrived at Christmas full of bath products!!

This paper from Kelly Panacci-Friendship Words-Blue has been in my stash for some time and saved me from having to gesso and paint the whole bag as it was a similar match. I applied Jo Sonjas crackle glaze directly to the edges and then painted with cream acrylic once dry.

I am struggling at times with the Ranger Distress crackle paints as they are so thick so I am pleased that my original crackle glaze still gives me more options to work with it. I made the bow from tulle and stitched it in the middle, glued on the Bazzil Bling velvet flower and layers and applied Ranger "frayed burlap" Distress paint to the edges. The glitter is from a large selection of glitter glue pens and I deliberately wanted it to look a bit gaudy. I added some touches of pink to soften the overall look and to go with the rose in the doves beak. (Sorry for the slightly blurry photo but my hand model wouldn't stay still!!)

Prima essentials flower, small prima Got Flowers and a Rose bud detached from a spray. Inside is a verse and a gift voucher. Happy Birthday Brenda I hope you have a lovely holiday and we will see you soon. Love Ruth and family xxx

Check these photos out!!! They took my breath away when I saw them..........sigh......if only....!!

I can't remember whose blog I pinched them from (sorry) but I think it was an NZ one...anyway here is another talented antipodean Rachel Greig Photography for a super quick schmooze at CHA look at her awesome photos HERE.
Spring is on the way and there might not be any flowers in my garden yet but I have plenty in glass jars to keep me going for a wee bit!! Still sometimes you can't beat the real thing.......I realised this week that I haven't any snowdrops and that made me feel sad so I might just have to get some ready cultivated ones and pop them in....that'll cheer me up!!

Love and snowdrops Ruth xxx


Toni said...


daydreamer said...

Beautiful work as usual Ruth.
I have given you an award on my blog!
Rachel x

Jamie said...

Hi Ruth! So glad you are feeling better:):) This is lovely! That's a wonderful re-gift!LOL! The tulle with glitter and paint adds just the right touch!!! So very thoughtful!!
Have a wonderful week!

Terri B said...

Hey gorgeous woman,

Long time no stop by for me. I love that bag!! Stunning work as always!

Hope you are keeping well -- have missed seeing you around.

*big hugs*


LazyKay said...

I LOVE those word sheets and have used them loads and the way you've used this one here is perfick!

WOW those flowers, makes you want to go in and grab them.


sueamour said...

Just browsing and found your blog.Check out tim holtz's blog. He has just put up new videos and on the one for distress crackle paint he shows you how to add extra water to the paint if it's too thick. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my hands on the beautiful gift you have made for me ruth.I will treasure everything you make as you put so much effort in and do it with love.
MIL xx