Sunday, 11 November 2007

What me organised! (not quite)

Everyone who knows me knows that I am extremely disorganised. So it came as a shock to myself when I realised that I have nearly finished my xmas shopping. Georgia and I spent the day wrapping them and she is sworn to secrecy. Which probably won't last long with her as she loves telling people what they are getting.
I went to the shop (Paper Paradise) on my own yesterday which was bliss and had a good smooch around. Bought some lovely papers to match Georgia's school photo and am looking forward to getting her off to school tomorrow so I can get started on creating my page for this months competition. Helena and I tied last month which is quite funny as it was my first time entering and the page "Soap Suds" had her daughter my niece on it.
The craft room looks like a bomb site come baby shop with boxes of baby clothes all over. Do you think it is possible for a baby to stay in its moses basket in Mum and Dads room until it's 16 or leaves home?