Sunday, 11 November 2007

Autumn Leaves and Yellow Trees

I took Georgia to see Beauty and The Beast at the Auditorium and it was fantastic. Worth every penny especially as I had searched every avenue to get cheaper tickets. I didn't want to sit down the front as last time she had struggled to see from down there, but when your tickets are half price through work what can a girl do!
As I was saying it was fab, but we nearly didn't go because I had the wrong week in my head and once again only realised 2 hours before the show and had to take her out of school. Still I think stage shows are part of a good education. This was very Disney and very professional. I can't even begin to describe the special effects. Sitting down the front we could see their facial expressions and all of the small details and Georgia was mesmorised for 3 hours.
The walk there was lovely and Georgia was excited because I let her have her birthday present early to wear (just the once mind you) so she could be like her heroine.
On the way I took photos and we had a lovely afternoon. Much more fun than being in school!!


Helena said...

I was supposed to take Aimee to this, I did get the wrong week and time, when I rang up in a panic the only time they had avaiable clashed with another appointment that I had and couldn't cancel, and DH was working!!!

I promised her I would fatithfully bring her to the next one, will book it straight away!

Like Georgia Belle is Aimee's favourite, it was the first Princess Disney video she watched, the first outfit she wanted!! Guess what she is wearing to Georiga's party!!!

Glad Georgia enjoyed the show!

BTW Cute pics!