Sunday, 28 October 2007


What a night, I am no longer able to sleep due to chronic backpain and still have 11 weeks to go. This on top of doing 2 night shifts, so am severely sleep deprived already. God help me when the baby comes I will already be knackered.

I am pleased that I managed to get my Halloween ATC finished and handed in on time as its half term and Georgia is off but she was very patient with me for the morning whilst I was making them. Used my mod podge glue and was pleased with the results. I fancy doing a tag book of similar ones but it all takes time.


Helena said...

Sorry, your not feeling too good, won't be long now though!!!!

I met Norma at PP, (Paper Paradise), she was asking how you were!

A tag book with similar ATC's would be a treasure to keep!! Also a good idea for a swap!!!