Saturday, 20 October 2007

At last I have managed to upload my first picture. I created this page as a tribute to my Mum who was a life saver this year when she flew out to England from NZ to look after us. The journelling is hidden in a tag and you have to pull the flower out at the bottom of the page to read it.

It reads-
Yet again during my second pregnancy I suffered
from Hyperemesis Gravitas (massive vomiting).
I was so ill that I spent 2 weeks in hospital on a drip.
My mum came over to look after us, and for that I
will always be truly grateful. She cooked, cleaned
and took Georgia to school. They read together,
played games and Georgia got to know her Granny.
It took quite a while for it to happen but Georgia
finally admitted that she loved her Granny xox

The rub ons at the bottom say 1-Poorly Mummy 2-Devoted Granny 3-Lonely Child.