Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The guessing is over!

I don't know whether I ought to dare bore you again with my "fear" of card making...think Gillian Mckeith in the jungle and you are getting close!!

This year I bit the bullet and made 2 for the Lets get Shabby Christmas giveaway.

The Shabby followers had such fun trying to guess who made which card.
Thanks to all who played along and hunted for the clues.
Love and letters to santa
Ruth xxx


Paper Paradise said...

I think I still have the card you ade me years ago when I had the shop. It had the Paper Artsy 'tell santa I've been good' girls stamp on it. If I ever find it I'll blog it!!!!!!! lol. Hope all is well. Sue xxx

Ruth said...

Geez Sue please don't I blush with shame every time I put a card up on my blog!