Friday, 14 May 2010

Dinosaur Boy

I found this little boy sitting in my garden picking the heads off the daffodils. He was such a sweet little boy that I gave him a lollipop for being so gorgeous........
OK so the real version is......
I needed some photos of Bens dinosaur jeans so I bribed him to sit on the stones, he knows exactly which strings to pull.
ps: He wasn't dead-heading the flowers but attacking the real live ones!!

My finished layout looks a bit washed out but I think it was the bright sunshine yesterday....I was cursing it last night now I am wishing it would come back...please come back sunshine all is forgiven!!

I used some funky dinosaurs from a Maya Road keychain available at Bubbly Funk. I was going to stick a googly eye on the dinosaur but I couldn't find it, then Ben found one in the garden's amazing just how far my stash has spread, it's even taking over the garden!!

Love and monsters

Ruth and T-Rex xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth

What a fabulous monster you have there, the layout is lovely but can't go wrong with such a gorgeous


downrightcrafty said...

Love reading your posts they do make me smile. The sun is due back next week at 20 degrees so they say.

I can see his eyes on that flower head, bet you it will be gone shortly.

Great layout and I think it makes him stand out so much more.

Kate xx

Paper Paradise said...

The layout is gorgeous Ruth, and Ben has grown so much since I last saw him. He is absolutely adorable, you must be so proud of him. x

LazyKay said...

What a stunner - he makes your heart melt.

Love the l/o


Elly said...

Hi Ruth!
I just read your message, and oh boy you made me curious! I'll mail you right now!
I love your l.o. My oldest was a dino lover for years, now he's a teen so the dino's are lying under his bed in a box, untouched for ages! Time flies!
Hugs, Elly

Sarah Lou said...

I lov elove love those overalls! too cute! I love the layout. what did you do to the lil dino to get that texture ???