Monday, 26 October 2009

Lets Get Shabby Challenge # 5 DT Layout

Challenge Number 5 is open today!! yay!!

*This months challenge is to make something must be obvious on the layout.

* It should be the focal point on the layout apart from the photograph.

*You can make more than one handmade embellishment if you wish.

(I think mine is obvious because you certainly wouldn't pay good money for it! lol!)

Here is my take on it: I made a Christmas Tree!

I cut out a tree shape from cardboard and added fringed layers to it, then I applied various types of fake snow...some better than others!! The enamel star at the top is from one of Georgias broken hair clips!

Papers are by Bo Bunny and I white washed the bottom one as it was too bright and not nearly Shabby enough!!

I am sure I'm not the only Mum who loves going around Garden Centres at Christmas to look at all the pretty baubles.....the only difference is I bribe my daughter with a visit to Santa if she behaves! So each year that makes about 4 Santa visits.......ooops!

However the lovely sweet Santa at Pennells remembers her every's a bit spooky! She thinks it's because Santa knows all the children....I wondered if it had anything to do with my Kiwi accent? Maybe it's just the magic of Christmas and we will never know!!

I am chuffed to bits to have scrapped a Xmas layout because my Xmas photos are famous for being rubbish so it's a good job someone else took this Polaroid..although I did have to pay for the privilege..worth every penny!!

Please come and join the fun at Lets get Shabby there are so many talented layouts to view and all the entrants are wonderful scrappers just like you.

PS: You should see the beautiful prize on offer!!

Love and pine-cones

Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

Ruth on first looking the tree hits you, I first of all before reading thought you had been using lolly sticks but on the close up can see the layers very effective and dimensional. Never though to white wash a page to calm the colours down, you always have such good tips.
Kate x

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

OMG this is just stunning!!!!
I love all of it :D
J xx

Pia said...

wooooow what a great layout and beautiful handmade tree

Gez said...

Stunning Ruth. Your tree is the BEST.xx

Didelis said...

Ruth, this is great! very beautiful work, many details and interesting decisions.

LazyKay said...

That layout is a perfect illustration of a Christmas PACKED with fun! Great work and I love the tree (must have snowed when I wasn't looking LOL)


Sue Abbott said...

I love the tree too. Great idea! Get em on line, they would sell!!!!! lol.
Sue x

Karen said...

Oh Ruth...I do hope that this LO is going up on a wall over Christmas...its soooo special! I love what you have done for a tree honey XXX

Anne Kristine said...

Gorgeous!!! So many lovely details!
Hugs Anne

Micayla said...

OOH so lovely Ruth, that tree is fab!
We did a trip to Pennells yesterday and Emily loved all the christmas goodies, of course I did too and saw a few more decorations I wanted.....roll on Steves wages!!!

Moira said...

Utterley fabulous.

Sarah Lou said...

Stunning!! I just adore the tree! it just makes my heart sing!!!

Jenneke said...

That tree is amazing, Ruth!! I LOVE it!! And I love your layout, so many great things to see!!!


Julie said...

Good morning, Ruth! Thank-you for visiting me today--I'm glad to find your blog--such beautiful things you've made! I'm your newest follower so I can keep checking in all all your newest creations--so nice to "meet" you!

Jeanet said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog !! But wowwwww how beautifull you've made this , I like the Christmas tree so much !! And al the other details are stunning !

catz said...

I saw this on the other site, and fell in love with it!! It's amazing, love all the little details you put into it!! Ih, and before I forget, I use scalloped scissors on my circles, then punch the holes with this tiny little punch I have!! With the scissors, you can draw a line then follow pretty dran close with the scalloped edge!! And on the xmas lo, I used the new Prima lustered leaves, and cut the holy out of one of the Bo Bunny papers!! And thank you so much for the sweet comments!! Wish I didn't have such long hours at work so I could surf the blogs more......I miss doing that so much.........

Traceyr said...

Wow what a fantastic layout so much going on and the detail and personal touches. Brilliant

But have you noticed how the image behind the photo look like one in the same?

Could Father Christmas really exist????


Chimene said...

Ruth, this is so beautiful!!!
LOVE the handmade tree!!!
There is so much to see on your layout!! Just perfect!

Fabienne et Franck said...

Fabulous! I love the dimensional tree!

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