Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I may not be Martha Stewart.......

......but I'm trying to get there!

Last week I saw an absolutely gorgeous egg on Pia's blog last week and a few days later another one on Melissa Philips blog.I discovered they are from Martha Stewart and have sold out and are probably not available in the UK anyway.
So thank goodness for my local Boyes, I picked up three polystyrene eggs at 70p each painted them with acrylic and complementary Ranger Distress Paints. Glued trim around the sides and decorated the tops of each one. I used three eastery colours and accented the green egg with pink, the pink egg with yellow and the yellow egg with green.
Hopefully I will be able to keep them in the glass bowl without the kids destroying them.

The photos don't show how dimensional they are but they look so touchy feely.
The little tags are fom a stationary shop and have Victorian egg images from an old Dover Crafts book on them (a car boot sale find!).
The decoupage type flowers are from an ATC embellishment book
The butterflies are cut from old cigarette trading cards.
I usedPaper flowers, net and floristry wire to bind each posy together and either glued or poked it into the polystyrene egg.
Now I really feel as if easter is on it's way.
Love and vintage eggs
Ruth xxx


Toni said...


Pia said...

wow wow what a great work, so many beautiful details. My egg was paintet with akrylpaint, it has a lot of colours when I buy it in your local supermarket.Used to fill in the chocolate, the egg can be divided in half.Have a nice day

Sue Abbott said...

I was lucky enough to see these eggs in class this morning, and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS!!! You are the 'alterer extrordinaire' Ruth.
Sue x

Helena said...

Beautiful work!!! Love the cracked eggshell look!!! The butterfiles are a beautiful touch too! And the poises look fantastic!


Riet said...

ohhh woww wowwww Ruth,what a beautiful creations,l love the details.
so beautiful colours.

zo mooi..........
hugs Riet.x

dutchbird said...

These are just beautiful little works of art! And what a great idea!!!


LazyKay said...

Oh WOW WOW WOW I bet they are sold out by the time I get there. Martha eat your heart out - these are BRILL!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Beautiful!!

sam21ski said...

WOW Ruth you find all the bargains!!! I'm coming shopping with you next time!!!

Just love what you've done with them


Micayla said...

Wow oh wow! They are so pretty Ruth, really stunning. I am in the process of doing an easter tree and spring banner. You should of seen me and Emily searching around the park for useable twigs.......we ended up with 2 right corkers. They just need spray painting and a trip to boys is in order for some eggs and Asda for a vase.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Oh my goodness....... these are looking sooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now keep those kiddo's away from
Really Ruth..... amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!

Kristi B. said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! I bought some wood eggs recently with the intention of making something similar. Your vintage twist on these would be perfect for my Mom's house, so it looks like the Easter Bunny will be bringing her some vintage eggs this year. Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

Anonymous said...

You've excelled yourself here Ruth, how gorgeous are they!!!
Fabulous, well done


Terri B said...

WOWSERS Ruth! Stunning work chicky. I am in awe at just what you can't do.

hugs n loves

catz said...

omg.......these are just Gorgeous!! Your attention to detail on these is amazing!! love the ribbon and roses you used....the tool is such a nice touch also, love them all!! Oh, before I forget, yes you can put my lo's on inspirational........I would be honored! Teresa

Karen said...

Oh Ruth!!!! These are really beautiful X

courtneyannb said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! its like Easter egg coloring for adults! I love this idea!

Pink Heather said...

Beautiful eggs. I'm going to pick up some of that crackle paint and make some with my little girl. They are so pretty!