Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I give you my heart for Xmas.....

My local library controls it's own book budget and you can request any book you like!!
In fact they are quite grateful because it means more variety on their shelves. So I thought I'd try the system and it worked!!
I ordered Altered Art projects by Jill Haglund, I don't buy many books as I prefer to spend my money on supplies so I requested this book out of curiosity and because it had such good reviews.

I love Deb Trotter and Carlene Federers' work as they do the ultimate cowgirl themed altered shadow boxes and I have always harboured a secret desire to be a cowgirl!

These hearts were inspired by Audrey Hernandez you can see hers on the cover.

Helena gave some ultra thick chipboard and I mean ultra thick!! I had to cut the hearts with a craft knife. These are 2 in a series of Xmas decorations for a family member. I just need to get hold of some more suitable photos of the rest of my siblings and get them posted before the deadline! Yikes!!
The reverse side is covered in a Victorian style Xmas paper.

Thanks for looking and leaving such lovely comments.

Ruth xxx


LazyKay said...

I love the facility to request books - it costs 15p at my library but well worth it as you say, you can preview the book and only buy if you want to - or just read the book and hand it back.

This looks good and I LOVE what you've done with the heart designs.


Tracey said...

How cool that you can request your own books, looks like you made an excellent choice, love the project you chose to make X

sam21ski said...

Fantastic heart designs Ruth, love them all xxxx

nathmael said...

So beautiful !!!! I love your work !!! It's very fantastic

Micayla said...

OOh they are so pretty Ruth, you always knock out such pretty things. I have a gorgeous idea book at home called Pretty little things, obviously all about altering things and most of the stuff has a vintage theme, if you ever want to borrow it, just shout.