Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Fox catches the Pox!!

Having successfully avoided the Chicken Pox for the last few summers, Georgia has finally caught them! This means no school for two weeks and plenty of fresh air. The poor thing has them in her eye-lids, lips, ears and unimaginable places!!


micayla said...

OMG, bless her. I remember having then as a child it it was awful! So I really feel for her.

LazyKay said...

Oh, poor wee lamb! Hope she doesn't feel too poorly with it.


Terri H said...

Poor darling! Not a nice illness to have either. Hope she is coping well & you to mum! xox

Helena said...

Hopefully she will be like Chloe and only catch them the once! Chloe managed to avoid them till she was 7 and never caught them again. Aimee caught them at 18 months and then again last year!!!!! Seems the older you are the least times you catch them!

At least she will only miss one week of school due to the mid term!!!!